Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A womens work is never done!!!

Here is a little post to let you know what we do for fun in our spare time, ha ha .
Well, when we aren't ferrying children here and there, doing the house work, or working at our real jobs this is where you will find T (left) and me ( right).
If you can't quite make out the photo let me explain, we are in a warehouse surrounded by pages, boxes, plastic sleeves, putting together my.organisers. I am sure you have never really given it any thought as to who does this type of work but for our little business we do the putting together, shrink wrapping, sticking and packing.
At this time of year when all the orders are coming in we spend a lot of time dressed in these very fashionable vests packing and shrink wrapping 100s of my.organisers, refills and now my.mini organisers.
We are known by the other warehouse workers as "the mothers" how horrible is that!!! But they love us coming because we often take some yummy home made treat for morning tea.
So from now on when you open your my.organiser think of us in our beautiful safety vests. S

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