Friday, September 19, 2008

Spring is in the air!!

Spring cleaning/organising time. Over the next few weeks we will help you get your house organised ready for the silly season.
Lets start with a storage cupboard:-

storage cupboard - points to consider

Storage cupboards are accessed by the whole family - therefore 'fool proof' organisational systems are needed.

Once you've reorganised the cupboard, look at what you've now stacked neatly on the shelves.

Can your family access this easily whilst keeping the order? Probably not. More than likely you'll need some tubs or baskets to help keep items together.

The above storage cupboard has white tubs to ensure the shelves stay tidy.

Example 1. One of these white tubs is full of cloth shopping bags. If we had just left them in a neat pile, every time someone was looking for one, they'd get shoved back on the shelf. By using a tub, we don't care what shoving goes on inside the tub, but it ensures the shelf remains clutter free.

Example 2. Another tub is full of sun hats, again, your family members can remove the tub, search for the hat and replace the tub.

Example 3. Another tub is full of lunch boxes, cooler bags, drink stubbies etc.

Hint: If your shelf is up high, a tub or basket is essential, so you can pull it down to easily see what's inside.

Hint: If you have multiple blankets or beach towels, by rolling them and placing on a skinny shelf, 1 can easily be removed without disturbing others on the shelf.

Product Help: These tubs are great for most standard cupboards and shelving. They are $6 each from Ikea's Kids Bedroom Storage Solutions area and they also come in a variety of colours and sizes.

You must see our before and after shots

Have fun !!! S


Ingrid said...

After just totally reorganising my kitchen - the one thing I realise that I needed was signs for the doors to remind the family where everything now lives.

We have had quite a few days of the kids opening and shutting all the doors from force of habit before going to the now correct cupboard. Little signs have made all the difference until we get the new habits instilled.

baby~amore' said...

Great idea ladies.
Thanks for my prize I can't wait to get my kitchen drawers organised.

I am trying to sort my filing cabinet - any tips ?

I have far too many pieces of paper to use your organiser but I am considering it for a yearly use or part thereof.