Friday, September 26, 2008

what next!!

Locking Coffee Mug
Look at this really over the top mug I just found at Ingrid's blog, Heart Harmony.

Proof that the strangest ideas have a market! A coffee mug with a hole in it that can only be sealed with a special key. If you have fights in the office over people using your mug then here is the ultimate solution. Also great for prestige coffee shops to do something special for their best clients. Have you ever heard of anything so silly?, it really shows that there is a market for anything and everything. S

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

2009 stock

Ok, now is the time to get organised for 2009.
For all those people out their who own a my.organiser it is time to get your 2009 refills. If you order them before the end of October you will get free postage.

If you are not already an owner of a my.organiser you had better have a look at our website and then order one or 2 as they make great Christmas presents.

While you are ordering a my.organiser have a look at our new little, we think this will make a great thank you present for the teachers, neighbours, ironing lady etc. For under $10.00 you can't go wrong. S

Friday, September 19, 2008

Spring is in the air!!

Spring cleaning/organising time. Over the next few weeks we will help you get your house organised ready for the silly season.
Lets start with a storage cupboard:-

storage cupboard - points to consider

Storage cupboards are accessed by the whole family - therefore 'fool proof' organisational systems are needed.

Once you've reorganised the cupboard, look at what you've now stacked neatly on the shelves.

Can your family access this easily whilst keeping the order? Probably not. More than likely you'll need some tubs or baskets to help keep items together.

The above storage cupboard has white tubs to ensure the shelves stay tidy.

Example 1. One of these white tubs is full of cloth shopping bags. If we had just left them in a neat pile, every time someone was looking for one, they'd get shoved back on the shelf. By using a tub, we don't care what shoving goes on inside the tub, but it ensures the shelf remains clutter free.

Example 2. Another tub is full of sun hats, again, your family members can remove the tub, search for the hat and replace the tub.

Example 3. Another tub is full of lunch boxes, cooler bags, drink stubbies etc.

Hint: If your shelf is up high, a tub or basket is essential, so you can pull it down to easily see what's inside.

Hint: If you have multiple blankets or beach towels, by rolling them and placing on a skinny shelf, 1 can easily be removed without disturbing others on the shelf.

Product Help: These tubs are great for most standard cupboards and shelving. They are $6 each from Ikea's Kids Bedroom Storage Solutions area and they also come in a variety of colours and sizes.

You must see our before and after shots

Have fun !!! S

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

computer dumbo

Well that is me, a totally self taught computer Dumbo.

Sometimes I wonder how I ever got this blog up and running.

As T patiently worked with me the other day to tidy up an excel sheet for the accountant I again realised how grateful I was that one half of this partnership has some computer knowledge.

As I was looking through my blogging friends blogs I came across these computer short cuts:-

Take you to the start of that line - Home
Take you to the start of the document - Ctrl (control) + Home
Take you to the end of that line - End
Take you to the end of the document - Ctrl + End
Create a new document - Ctrl + N
Insert a page break - Ctrl + Enter
Decrease font size - Ctrl + Shift + <
Increase font size - Ctrl + Shift + >
To change lowercase text to ALL CAPS - Ctrl + Shift + A
To insert a date field - Alt + Shift + D
Delete the word before the cursor - Ctrl + Backspace
Delete the word after the cursor - Ctrl + Del
Double-click to highlight the word the cursor is in
Triple-click to highlight the paragraph the cursor is in

Thank you Donna-Marie at
Have fun playing with these....S

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Easy websites

It is hard to believe in this day and age when technology is moving much faster than most of the Olympians in Beijing that there could be any easy way to get a website up and running. Well Jenni, from Jenni Markham Designs has some really feminine templates to get you started with a website of your own. She also has her own range of stationery, gift cards etc.You must have a look. S

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Beautiful websites

T and I are starting the long and difficult task of designing, or at least getting quotes on a new website. We have out grown ours and need a website that does a little bit more than our present one. I am spending hours searching the web for beautiful websites and I have found lots of gorgeous sites, one of which is Kathryn's website not only is the site beautifully designed but the products Kathryn is selling are just as beautiful. She also has a pretty blog clever lady. S

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Clever Idea

As people who love everything to be organised, T was excited when she found this one whilst surfing the net one day, we knew you all would be impressed. For more details about this clever little bag liner from Borne Naked, have a look at 'Product of the month " on our website S