Sunday, August 10, 2008

Stay organised with your mobile!

Use your mobile phone to get organised!
As we're all aware, mobile phones are no longer just phones.
Mobiles have many functions we don't use but there is one we, at agoodSort think is great. Most phones have a 'reminder' or 'calendar' function which works in conjunction with an alarm. Instead of writing little notes to yourself, that you inevitably lose, or forget to take with you, take a moment to learn this function.
If there's something you need to do tomorrow put it in the 'reminder' and set the alarm for first thing in the morning so you remember to do it. If you need to pick up the dry cleaning on Wednesday put it in and set it to remind you on Wednesday. If you need to take cakes to a cake stall on Thursday set it to remind you on Wednesday so you have time to bake.
You wont forget those little things any more. S&T

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