Sunday, August 31, 2008


Yahoo!! The 2009 edition of the my.organiser is available as of this Friday!!!

This also means that the 2009 refill pages, for all those who already own a my.organiser and also our new retail product the, the travelling organiser for your handbag are also available after Friday.
All those people who said they needed an organiser for your handbag the is for you. Selling at $9.95 it makes a great little present. For more details have a look at our website We have a little work to do on our website to add the mini. org so be patient but if you need one of anything now just email us at S


Korina said...

Fantastic - I am an organiser from way back and stationary - in particular diaries - are my ultimate weakness!
My idea these days of a good time is spending a few child free hours in Office Works! lol

Natasha Crestani said...

So I'm not the only one who loves to wonder around Officeworks! I don't know HOW people survive without a diary! Good tip - make it all in one. There's nothing worse than multiple diaries and calendars. Nightmare!

Pink Heels said...

Congratulations on another year of success with your fabulous planner! Be sure to celebrate!

Kathie Holmes said...

Hi Ladies and thanks. You two have me so motivated to organise my life. I am generally a clutter bug from way back but since reading your blog and visiting your site I'm now tackling each room and organising! My new favourite haunt is Howard's Storage World!

Kathie said...

Sorry girls I also meant to mention that I am so impressed that today's post on my blog is all about how much you have motivated me. Check it out at