Thursday, July 10, 2008

Sex in the City

Wow!! what a great movie...the clothes, the shoes! That wardrobe!!!

Of course being an organiser my mind went crazy wishing that all my clients had wardrobes like Carrie's, but alas no one ever has .So I decided to write a blog on how to make your wardrobe maybe not a gorgeous as the one in the movie but one that is practical and affordable.

Here we go, this is a great holiday project,
1) As I have mentioned before... clear shoe boxes, they now come in all shapes and sizes. These are great to store your out of season shoes or if you are really disciplined you can store all your shoes in them but I find it a hassle putting shoes away in boxes each night

2) Coat hangers, a wardrobe always looks neater if all the coat hangers are the same. Howards Storage World and Ikea have packs of wooden hangers.

3) Pretty coloured boxes can store up high the items that are out of season or things you don't need to get to very often.

4) A shoe rack or stand of some sort for every day shoes.

5) Jewellery stand or drawer.

6) A couple of posts ago I mentioned the scarf hanger from Ikea, this is also good for ties and belts.

8) For those who really like organised drawers (both types), dividers are a great idea.

8) Pigeon holes are great for handbags,shoes and hats.
Well, I could keep going, there are so many different organising products on the market these days . At A Good Sort we truly believe that if you have a place for everything then everything will stay in its place.
It wont look exactly like Carrie's but it will be organised. S


Vera Lang said...

It is amazing how little things like getting the same coat hangers have made a difference in my closet.

It is almost embarrassing that I did not do this any earlier.

Another great, great, great way to get a 'i love this' closet for me has been to simply give away (to goodwill or a friend) 1 item a day for a period of time. Whenever someone would come over, i would find something to shed that I thought that person might like.
She's happy, I'm happy. Less stuff, less clutter and everything I do still have looks superior than it did before.

Sally Ann said...

Hi Vera,yes thinning out the number of clothes is a big step towards a less cluttered wardrobe. We do throw out Thursday, every thursday you throw something out.