Monday, July 21, 2008

agoodSort 5 top organising tips

Here are T&S 5 top tips to get you started...

1. Paper! School notes, invitations, sport draws, bills, lists - we all have them. Get these organised and your life will follow. Tip #1: invest in our family organiser.®aniser is Australian made by mums and will revolutionise the paper in your kitchen. Available at Officeworks and on-line

2. Stuff! We all have volumes of stuff – household items, possessions, gifts, treasured memories we like to keep. Tip #2: organise and store it in containers. For a less cluttered look, use the same type of containers and buy square or rectangular shapes as they stack and utilise your space better. Best places to head are Howards Storage World and Ikea.

3. Drawers! The average house has over 50 drawers so it’s worthwhile to take the time to get them organised – underwear, stationery, utensils etc. Tip #3: There are many drawer dividers on the market. Measure your drawer to ensure you buy the right one. Once again Howards Storage World and Ikea have some good products. At, we recommend ‘One-Drawer-Wednesday’. Every Wednesday tidy one drawer. Simple and effective – even the kids can do it.

4. Kids Artwork! Once the exhibition is finished on the fridge these treasured pieces need to be stored. Tip #4: Jasart has a great folder, small and large. These are also great for storing x-rays, house plans and the like. Available at all art stores and Officeworks.

5. Label, label, label! Tip#5: To ensure all the above remain in their place, we recommend labeling everything. Label containers on all sides as there’s no guarantee as to how it will be put back on the shelf. Label shelves - psychologically you won’t put a towel on a shelf that’s labeled sheets. There are many labelers on the market, but you can also print them on the computer, use pen and paper and cover with contact or sticky tape. T&S


baby~amore' said...

great tips here just what I need to keep me busy.... ier!

I am off to label the kids drawers.

Sally Ann said...

Thanks, p-touch labellers are great

Jenni said...

Great tips! Thanks!