Monday, July 28, 2008 organiser

If you don't already know, T and I are the designers of the my.organiser, the family organiser we sell on our website. This is a great tool for families to help control all the paper work a busy family generates. If you don't have one you must visit our website for a look.

We now have some very exciting news......!!!!!! Our new retail product has just gone to print!! organiser, this is our new retail product. It is a mini organiser for your handbag. We hope it will work hand in hand with the my.organiser and keep you organised while you are on the go. We are not sure yet when it will be released but probably like all diaries around October.
We will keep you all updated. S

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

mama mia!!

Well you all must do it........get a group of your gal pals and head out to the movies. We did just that last night and went to see Mama Mia. What a great feel good movie! All the way through I had to restrain T from singing too loudly and I wont even to begin to tell you about her lycra pants and platform shoes (only joking). Meryl Streep is fantastic, what a great advertisement for middle age women. If it is the only movie you see this season apart from Sex in the City you mustn't miss it. S

Monday, July 21, 2008

agoodSort 5 top organising tips

Here are T&S 5 top tips to get you started...

1. Paper! School notes, invitations, sport draws, bills, lists - we all have them. Get these organised and your life will follow. Tip #1: invest in our family organiser.®aniser is Australian made by mums and will revolutionise the paper in your kitchen. Available at Officeworks and on-line

2. Stuff! We all have volumes of stuff – household items, possessions, gifts, treasured memories we like to keep. Tip #2: organise and store it in containers. For a less cluttered look, use the same type of containers and buy square or rectangular shapes as they stack and utilise your space better. Best places to head are Howards Storage World and Ikea.

3. Drawers! The average house has over 50 drawers so it’s worthwhile to take the time to get them organised – underwear, stationery, utensils etc. Tip #3: There are many drawer dividers on the market. Measure your drawer to ensure you buy the right one. Once again Howards Storage World and Ikea have some good products. At, we recommend ‘One-Drawer-Wednesday’. Every Wednesday tidy one drawer. Simple and effective – even the kids can do it.

4. Kids Artwork! Once the exhibition is finished on the fridge these treasured pieces need to be stored. Tip #4: Jasart has a great folder, small and large. These are also great for storing x-rays, house plans and the like. Available at all art stores and Officeworks.

5. Label, label, label! Tip#5: To ensure all the above remain in their place, we recommend labeling everything. Label containers on all sides as there’s no guarantee as to how it will be put back on the shelf. Label shelves - psychologically you won’t put a towel on a shelf that’s labeled sheets. There are many labelers on the market, but you can also print them on the computer, use pen and paper and cover with contact or sticky tape. T&S

Sunday, July 20, 2008


Did you know that chuffed means “pleased or puffed with fat”? I think these cats look pretty "chuffed".
T and I were pretty chuffed yesterday when we finished an organising job. It was to declutter a home office and store room. We will see if we can put the photos on the blog to share them with you. The before and after shots are fantastic, and really show what can be achieved in a couple of days. Although, during the process I felt that it was all quite overwhelming for our clients they were definitely happy with the end result. S

Saturday, July 12, 2008

cup cakes

While the rest of the world is talking iphones, I am glad to say that we are still doing the simpler things in our house. Cup cakes!! they are a big thing in our house at the moment. Making them, eating them and taking them places (that is when it gets challenging).

Look at this fantastic Cup Cake Courier from . I don't think I would serve them on the table in the plastic thingo but to transport them without ruining your artistic icing work, I think it is great.

While we are on the subject of cup cakes you must check out this blog I found, the clever lady is Kylie and she based in Sydney and its website . Here are some of the yummy things I found:- S

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Sex in the City

Wow!! what a great movie...the clothes, the shoes! That wardrobe!!!

Of course being an organiser my mind went crazy wishing that all my clients had wardrobes like Carrie's, but alas no one ever has .So I decided to write a blog on how to make your wardrobe maybe not a gorgeous as the one in the movie but one that is practical and affordable.

Here we go, this is a great holiday project,
1) As I have mentioned before... clear shoe boxes, they now come in all shapes and sizes. These are great to store your out of season shoes or if you are really disciplined you can store all your shoes in them but I find it a hassle putting shoes away in boxes each night

2) Coat hangers, a wardrobe always looks neater if all the coat hangers are the same. Howards Storage World and Ikea have packs of wooden hangers.

3) Pretty coloured boxes can store up high the items that are out of season or things you don't need to get to very often.

4) A shoe rack or stand of some sort for every day shoes.

5) Jewellery stand or drawer.

6) A couple of posts ago I mentioned the scarf hanger from Ikea, this is also good for ties and belts.

8) For those who really like organised drawers (both types), dividers are a great idea.

8) Pigeon holes are great for handbags,shoes and hats.
Well, I could keep going, there are so many different organising products on the market these days . At A Good Sort we truly believe that if you have a place for everything then everything will stay in its place.
It wont look exactly like Carrie's but it will be organised. S

Thursday, July 3, 2008

ugly but good!!

I usually try to make our posts look nice but there is no way I can pretty this one up. I just have to share this clever product with you all. It has probably been around for ages but we have only just found it.
This strange looking thing is a scarf (tie,belt) holder from Ikea. It has a funny Swedish name which I wont try to spell , if you go looking for it it is in the wardrobe section. I think it cost around $10.00 and does a great job of holding all those dangly things in your wardrobe.
If you have a clever storage solution we would love to hear them. S