Thursday, June 12, 2008

women blogging

T and I have now been blogging for 4 months, not always as regularly as we would like but believe it or not we sometimes have trouble finding the time or a topic to talk about. It is also a very strange thing to post something on the Internet and not know who, if anyone is going to read it. We have been very fortunate to have picked up a few regular readers from both here in Australia and some further afield.
We are constantly amazed at the number of women who are blogging out there, and the number of people reading these blogs. The number of women who are now running their own business, who have a website, write a blog, look after the family etc. etc. etc. is truly amazing. We will soon be running the world.
One thing it does tell me, as it has been the way for centuries, women love talking, women love listening(now reading) and by doing this we make friends and a lot of the time very close friendships because we take the time. Now with blogging, we are hearing about peoples lives and work from all corners of the world and in time making friends with women from all over the world., hearing about the lives and their businesses and learning from each that is exciting.
I have really enjoyed reading posts and leaving comments from women(mainly) from all corners of the globe. I especially love looking at the decorators blogs from the States and Scandinavia. I also have some favourite Australian blogs I visit every day.
In my quest to be good at this blogging thing I have signed up to many different blog lists etc but of course we need to be doing this a bit longer and get more of a following before we appear on any of these lists.
We have joined a group of business women, from all types of businesses called "blog whammy" Blog Whammy is a circle of business women supporting one another through the promotion of each others blogs. Being a member is free ! While we have only been members for a few weeks, Blog Whammy has been running now for 1 year so is celebrating its first anniversary. If you want to join just go to for more information. One of the business women involved is Jennifer at Pink Heels, she specialises in Personal and Professional developement, for the rest of the Whammy list see our blog roll.
So, what does that have to do with organsing, well nothing except that I have to organise my time a little better so I can update the blog a bit more frequently.Happy blogging!! S

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Ann said...

I found you through Mom Bloggers Club!
I agree with your comments. It is amazing how many women are blogging 'out there'.
So many talented people, many of whom can only express themselves through their blog.
This outlet can be a good thing!