Tuesday, June 17, 2008

my.organiser around Australia

Two weeks ago The Power Family (Mum and Dad and 2 little girls) from Canberra set off on a trip of a life time. Travelling around Australia photographing our beautiful country.
You might say what has that got to do with us? Well, to our great excitement they have taken a my.organiser to keep all their paper work organised while they are on the road. We are keeping an eye on their journey through forums and photo gallery on their website, www.greataussieroadtrip.com.au . They have promised some photos of the organiser as it travels around and also will report on how helpful they find it.
So stay tuned......
T and I think the my.organiser is a great product not only for the busy family but also for the Grey Nomads in our community who are doing a lot of travelling in their caravans. As they set off on their trips, how easy would it be to just pick up their my.org complete with its filing system and diary, hey presto you have a mini office away from home. Happy Travelling!! S


Pink Heels said...

I love the organizer. Are there any pictures of the inside of this product? By any chance, is it in color?

Sally Ann said...

Hi Pink Heels, thanks for visiting, yes if you go to http://www.agoodsort.com/all-about-my-organiser.html and scroll down there are the photos of the inside. Yes it is coloured!