Sunday, June 29, 2008

Metal or silicon??

Do your muffin pans look like this ?? Really, I don't know how I even served anything from these pans without feeling the tiniest bit of guilt. Not only have they seen better days, they take up so much room in my baking drawer. I usually can't be bothered working out how they fit in the drawer so I store them in the oven.

All this was until about a year ago I was given my first silicon muffin patties. I have also tried out a few of the other silicon baking pans but none of them are nearly as great as the muffin patties.

They take up next to no room in the baking drawer. They don't need to be greased before use. They come off the muffin or cup cake without any problems and they come in pretty colours.

So clean out your baking pan drawer get rid of the tired old metal muffin pans and treat yourself to some silicon muffin patties.

Has anyone tried any of the other silicon baking pans?
Are they also good? Let us know...S

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baby~amore' said...

I tried Tupperware individual muffin ones but they stick ... if I grease the they don't.
Problem is I don't have enough - where did you get them ?