Saturday, June 14, 2008


I had a birthday last week and received some great cards, above are two of them. There are so many beautiful, funny and clever cards around these days, you can now buy cards for any occasion. I even saw a "congratulations on your divorce card" the other day!!

At we teach people that when they see a card they love and think would be good for someone they know , buy it and when they get home write it in their my.organiser (diary) a week before the persons birthday, anniversary or what ever the occasion is so you don't forget you have it. This reminder in your organiser is also helpful if you have to post it. You can then, either file it in a plastic sleeve in your my.organiser or as I do, put it in your "present wrapping drawer". This drawer is full of everything to do with wrapping presents, ribbon, paper, sticky tape, cards etc. By doing all of this it will mean you are always prepared for someones birthday and I always have an extra card or two for those unexpected occasions. S


baby~amore' said...

thank goodness you just reminded me it was my friend's birthday today - I was waiting to call or message her all day.
This is a great idea.
oops ... first on my to do list tomorrow

Ingrid said...

Great idea. One of my clients has a concertina file for each month and pre-fills in cards ready to post on the first of each month for the birthday list. They then use their organiser to remind them to post the cards.

Sally Ann said...

Thanks ladies for popping past.

Nicole said...

Happy Belated Birthday. I hope you had a great day!