Sunday, June 29, 2008

Metal or silicon??

Do your muffin pans look like this ?? Really, I don't know how I even served anything from these pans without feeling the tiniest bit of guilt. Not only have they seen better days, they take up so much room in my baking drawer. I usually can't be bothered working out how they fit in the drawer so I store them in the oven.

All this was until about a year ago I was given my first silicon muffin patties. I have also tried out a few of the other silicon baking pans but none of them are nearly as great as the muffin patties.

They take up next to no room in the baking drawer. They don't need to be greased before use. They come off the muffin or cup cake without any problems and they come in pretty colours.

So clean out your baking pan drawer get rid of the tired old metal muffin pans and treat yourself to some silicon muffin patties.

Has anyone tried any of the other silicon baking pans?
Are they also good? Let us know...S

Bright and cheerful!!

Look at these colourful clip boards I found over at
surely these would brighten up any boring job. Even if your to-do list is looking pretty bad on one of these clip boards it bound to look better. S

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Busy, busy, busy

Tricia and I have had one of those weeks this week. Miles too busy for how we like it but at the same time very exciting. We have got so many things happening in our business we are nearly bursting with excitement!! Lots of it we can't talk about yet because they are still being negotiated but I want to share a couple of things with you all.
First off we are setting up some organising workshops. These will be a fun way for mums to get together and learn some quick and easy ways to organise different areas of their home. We plan at first to run these through Pre-schools, Day care centers, schools etc. this way we can donate some of the proceeds back to the schools.
We have over the years collected some great products and ideas and are looking forward to sharing these with other mums. So if you are involved in an organisation or would like to get your friends together for a bit of a laugh and on the side learn how to get organised and make a bit of money, send us an email and we would love to book you in.
We went to our first AAPO (Australasian Association of Professional Organisers) can just imagine how a meeting of organisers is run. Very efficiently and on time. It was interesting and helpful to talk with other organisers. I am sure we will learn alot from them.

Another exciting thing is that later in the year we are releasing a mini org. This is a travelling organiser for your hand bag. This of course is not to replace your my.organiser (You couldn't any way!!!) it is to compliment it. So when you are out and about you have a diary to jot things in. Lots of people have ask for this so we have done it.

So now it is the weekend.........oh no it isn't, tomorrow we have an organising job to quote on and then coffee with friends and then it is the weekend. Yahoo! S

Friday, June 20, 2008

Clever Idea

Yesterday I went, once again in to organising mode+++. T and I had a really good, slow look at Howards Storage World and all their clever storage solutions.We are like kids in a candy store in that shop. I bought a great product. My utensils drawer was in desperate need of a tidy up so I went looking for a long skinny container for my drawer, so at least they were separated from the rest of the "stuff"and the same for my baking utensils, so I could lay my hands on them easily. I came home with extendable drawer dividers.

Tip out, sort out, throw out and replace in some sort of order. Fantastic!! The proof is in the pictures (for more before and after shots of other organising jobs click here.).......Your turn!! S

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

my.organiser around Australia

Two weeks ago The Power Family (Mum and Dad and 2 little girls) from Canberra set off on a trip of a life time. Travelling around Australia photographing our beautiful country.
You might say what has that got to do with us? Well, to our great excitement they have taken a my.organiser to keep all their paper work organised while they are on the road. We are keeping an eye on their journey through forums and photo gallery on their website, . They have promised some photos of the organiser as it travels around and also will report on how helpful they find it.
So stay tuned......
T and I think the my.organiser is a great product not only for the busy family but also for the Grey Nomads in our community who are doing a lot of travelling in their caravans. As they set off on their trips, how easy would it be to just pick up their complete with its filing system and diary, hey presto you have a mini office away from home. Happy Travelling!! S

Saturday, June 14, 2008


I had a birthday last week and received some great cards, above are two of them. There are so many beautiful, funny and clever cards around these days, you can now buy cards for any occasion. I even saw a "congratulations on your divorce card" the other day!!

At we teach people that when they see a card they love and think would be good for someone they know , buy it and when they get home write it in their my.organiser (diary) a week before the persons birthday, anniversary or what ever the occasion is so you don't forget you have it. This reminder in your organiser is also helpful if you have to post it. You can then, either file it in a plastic sleeve in your my.organiser or as I do, put it in your "present wrapping drawer". This drawer is full of everything to do with wrapping presents, ribbon, paper, sticky tape, cards etc. By doing all of this it will mean you are always prepared for someones birthday and I always have an extra card or two for those unexpected occasions. S

Thursday, June 12, 2008

women blogging

T and I have now been blogging for 4 months, not always as regularly as we would like but believe it or not we sometimes have trouble finding the time or a topic to talk about. It is also a very strange thing to post something on the Internet and not know who, if anyone is going to read it. We have been very fortunate to have picked up a few regular readers from both here in Australia and some further afield.
We are constantly amazed at the number of women who are blogging out there, and the number of people reading these blogs. The number of women who are now running their own business, who have a website, write a blog, look after the family etc. etc. etc. is truly amazing. We will soon be running the world.
One thing it does tell me, as it has been the way for centuries, women love talking, women love listening(now reading) and by doing this we make friends and a lot of the time very close friendships because we take the time. Now with blogging, we are hearing about peoples lives and work from all corners of the world and in time making friends with women from all over the world., hearing about the lives and their businesses and learning from each that is exciting.
I have really enjoyed reading posts and leaving comments from women(mainly) from all corners of the globe. I especially love looking at the decorators blogs from the States and Scandinavia. I also have some favourite Australian blogs I visit every day.
In my quest to be good at this blogging thing I have signed up to many different blog lists etc but of course we need to be doing this a bit longer and get more of a following before we appear on any of these lists.
We have joined a group of business women, from all types of businesses called "blog whammy" Blog Whammy is a circle of business women supporting one another through the promotion of each others blogs. Being a member is free ! While we have only been members for a few weeks, Blog Whammy has been running now for 1 year so is celebrating its first anniversary. If you want to join just go to for more information. One of the business women involved is Jennifer at Pink Heels, she specialises in Personal and Professional developement, for the rest of the Whammy list see our blog roll.
So, what does that have to do with organsing, well nothing except that I have to organise my time a little better so I can update the blog a bit more frequently.Happy blogging!! S

Sunday, June 8, 2008

great read

Long weekends are great, even if you don't go away!!
I was given a book last week called "Life in his hands, the true story of a neurosurgeon and the pianist". Well I have finished it, and for someone who only usually reads when I am sitting on the beach on holidays, it says how much I enjoyed the book. I would say this is a great read for both men and women Amazing, sad, uplifting.....
This will be one that I add to the book self.
That's a job long over due.....sort through the book shelf. The Smith Family, second hand book stores and school fetes are always after used books. Great job for a rainy day!! S

Friday, June 6, 2008

trash to treasure

Yesterday was "Throw out Thursday" in our house so I have a boot load of stuff to take to St Vincents De Paul. I have a range of different things I am dropping off from jeans that are too short, wine glasses that are not my taste (present from the Mother In Law), old dinner set, toys that are no longer loved and heaps more. I am sure that someone else will delight in my trash just as Elena at EP Deisgns finds things in op shops and transforms them into beautiful pieces. I especially love these pin cushions.

Try "Throw out Thursday" in your house....just get everyone to throw something out every Thursday, I sometimes put a box in the hallway so people get the idea without me having to nag. It can be as little as an odd sock, but if you do it every week you will find the junk hanging around will disappear. S

Monday, June 2, 2008

agoodsort product of the month

Jasart Carry Sleeve from Officeworks
This art file is under $10 from Officeworks and is perfect for organising your childrens artwork.
It's cheap enough to buy one for each child, and thin enough to store it behind the wardrobe or bed.
It's also great for organising x-rays, ultra sounds etc.
It comes in 2 sizes (one of which is A3 and and the other 48cmx62cm , that is the one I have for my children) and is located near their art-work supplies. S