Sunday, May 18, 2008

Shoe boxes

With Winter coming it is time for me to do the "shoe shuffle". No, don't worry I am not going to dance. You see, in my wardrobe I don't have enough room to have all my shoes on show all the time so I store the off season shoes in clear shoe boxes. I am sure you have all heard of the clear shoe boxes for storing shoes and boots. These days you can find them all over the place, on the net and in storage shops. They really are great , not only to store your shoes, they keep them in great condition and also they keep your wardrobe looking neat and tidy. It is worth investing in some this Winter, pack all your sandals away till Summer and bring out those Winter boots.

Over at Beauty Banquet Ann has introduced me to a great fashion blog called, 4 inch heels. If you want a bit of a laugh I think this blog will be worth keeping an eye on. S


Anne said...

It is a great blog, isn't it? I like to keep an eye on it, too!

Michelle said...

I love the idea of shoe boxes and use them in a variety of guises in our house.

smallbusinessdiva said...

I love these clear shoe boxes too. I must admit, for years now (long before I heard of clear shoe boxes) I have been saving my shoe boxes and using them to store my shoes. It helps keep them dust-free, organised and un-squashed!