Thursday, May 22, 2008

How many sets of userid's and passwords do you have?

How many things are you signed up to on the net? If you're like me, it's not always possible to use the same userid and password to join up to something and you end up with so many combinations of the same few words ~ which of course you can never remember.

A bunch of forget-me-nots are not going to help you, so here's the perfect organising solution.

Obviously you wouldn't include your important passwords such as your bank information, this is for things like ticketek or on-line subscriptions etc.
In your In-box, create a folder called PASSWORDS. When you sign up to something, send yourself an email with the UserID and password and in the subject line, type the name of what you're joining. Then when it arrives, file it into your password folder.

You'll always have them on-hand when you're on-line. T


baby~amore' said...

what an excellent idea -
I have mine randomly spread in my hotmail inbox ...along with 500-600 old messages.
I like the look of your blog -first time visitor.
I am Trish from Sydney too !

baby~amore' said...

Sally-Ann I was blog hopping when I found your blog - no idea how - clicked on a few different blog links.

I then had trouble finding you again the link from your comment to blogger isn't working and it doesn't show you as blogger ID and goes to an error page.
I saw the twogoodsorts in the url and tried it again and here I am.

Submit your blog to the Australian blogs and more people will find you.

baby~amore' said...

that worked ;)
I have no idea why before Blogger said it couldn't find you.

Hooked on Houses said...

Love this idea. I must have a million different passwords and user IDs to keep track of. I keep a list of them on my desk, but it's a big old scribbled mess. Hard to find things when I need them.

Thanks for this clever idea! -Julia :-)