Monday, May 12, 2008


I wonder how many Mums got a new handbag for Mother's Day?
(I didn't, I got a blender!!)

I was looking in the latest Real Living Magazine and they had some pictures of the contents of ladies handbags. Well, by the look of these bags the owners aren't mums or they are very tidy ladies. I am sure if most of us looked in our bag...not just the top layer, if we looked right down in the bottom of the bag we would be horrified at what little treasures we would find. You can be pretty sure you would find a pen that doesn't work, some coins, used tissues, parking ticket, band aid, comb, a toy of some type and many other, sometimes not so attractive squashed things.

I must admit and show off a little, my handbag is quite tidy but that is only because I am a bit funny in the "tidy way" and also because I use both the handbag organising products we sell on our website. The handbag P-Pod and the key finder, for more details have a look at our website.
Like everything in your house, your handbag should be something that gets cleaned out regularly, get rid of the old broken lipstick and dockets you don't need. Why weigh yourself down by carrying around rubbish?
Ingrid at Heart Harmony has an interesting blog on solar powered handbags!! Yes its true, while the style of the bag isn't my taste the idea is fantastic, so I think it is worth keeping on eye on this company and see where they go with this idea. With solar panels on the side, when charged it can recharge your phone or ipod. S

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Ingrid said...

No matter how small the bag it is amazing how much I can fit in - all my handbags become Tardises. That said - the last clear out found a Barbie shoe that hadn't been seen for 4 years and as the bag was only 6 months old that was a bit of a worry!