Friday, May 30, 2008

are yours heading south??

Ok, now this is getting down and personal but it has to be done. I watched Susannah and Trinny last night from the famous What Not to Wear Show. They were doing a show helping older ladies jazz up their look a little. Getting them out of the pale pink tracksuits and over sized, body hiding shirts and getting them to show off their bodies and be proud of it. One of the many questions they asked the ladies was "do you like having your boobs hang down to your elbows?' (it was so funny!! seeing these older ladies being asked such up front questions.) When the girls had finished with the ladies it was fantastic and it even made Susannah cry..
You probably wonder were I am going with this. Well, not that we are up to that stage yet, but so we don't head down the boobs to the waist and elasticated skirts track, it is time to sort through your undies drawer.
Go on, get the drawer out and empty it onto the bed. Now, anything that is stretched, holey, to small, too big, missing a wire etc. straight in the bin. Line the drawer with a nice new smelly drawer liner. If you really want to keep the drawer looking organised, so you can see every bra and pair of undies at a glance, Howard Storage World has drawer dividers. OK ,now put back only the underwear that fits and you love to wear.....throw the rest out, if that means you now have an empty drawer, your next step it to go shopping, but don't forget when you are getting fitted for your new bras that your boobs are meant to end halfway between your elbow and your shoulder. S
Here is a great poem from Nicole over at The Modern Goddess.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Clever Idea

Look at this clever idea I found at
These are bulletin boards made out of pretty fabric, round piece of soft timber or cork and an embroidery hoop.
They look great in a group of three or simply one on its own. With a thoughtful choice of fabrics they could be art work. They are being sold on a website in the USA but they don't ship to Australia, so get those crafty juices flowing. They can't be that difficult to make. S

Thursday, May 22, 2008

How many sets of userid's and passwords do you have?

How many things are you signed up to on the net? If you're like me, it's not always possible to use the same userid and password to join up to something and you end up with so many combinations of the same few words ~ which of course you can never remember.

A bunch of forget-me-nots are not going to help you, so here's the perfect organising solution.

Obviously you wouldn't include your important passwords such as your bank information, this is for things like ticketek or on-line subscriptions etc.
In your In-box, create a folder called PASSWORDS. When you sign up to something, send yourself an email with the UserID and password and in the subject line, type the name of what you're joining. Then when it arrives, file it into your password folder.

You'll always have them on-hand when you're on-line. T

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Shoe boxes

With Winter coming it is time for me to do the "shoe shuffle". No, don't worry I am not going to dance. You see, in my wardrobe I don't have enough room to have all my shoes on show all the time so I store the off season shoes in clear shoe boxes. I am sure you have all heard of the clear shoe boxes for storing shoes and boots. These days you can find them all over the place, on the net and in storage shops. They really are great , not only to store your shoes, they keep them in great condition and also they keep your wardrobe looking neat and tidy. It is worth investing in some this Winter, pack all your sandals away till Summer and bring out those Winter boots.

Over at Beauty Banquet Ann has introduced me to a great fashion blog called, 4 inch heels. If you want a bit of a laugh I think this blog will be worth keeping an eye on. S

Monday, May 12, 2008


I wonder how many Mums got a new handbag for Mother's Day?
(I didn't, I got a blender!!)

I was looking in the latest Real Living Magazine and they had some pictures of the contents of ladies handbags. Well, by the look of these bags the owners aren't mums or they are very tidy ladies. I am sure if most of us looked in our bag...not just the top layer, if we looked right down in the bottom of the bag we would be horrified at what little treasures we would find. You can be pretty sure you would find a pen that doesn't work, some coins, used tissues, parking ticket, band aid, comb, a toy of some type and many other, sometimes not so attractive squashed things.

I must admit and show off a little, my handbag is quite tidy but that is only because I am a bit funny in the "tidy way" and also because I use both the handbag organising products we sell on our website. The handbag P-Pod and the key finder, for more details have a look at our website.
Like everything in your house, your handbag should be something that gets cleaned out regularly, get rid of the old broken lipstick and dockets you don't need. Why weigh yourself down by carrying around rubbish?
Ingrid at Heart Harmony has an interesting blog on solar powered handbags!! Yes its true, while the style of the bag isn't my taste the idea is fantastic, so I think it is worth keeping on eye on this company and see where they go with this idea. With solar panels on the side, when charged it can recharge your phone or ipod. S

Monday, May 5, 2008

Stop and enjoy!!

T and I are going away on Thursday,(to promote my.organiser) just for the night but as you can imagine to leave the family, only for that short time still takes a bit of doing. By the time you make sure there is enough food in the house, dinner cooked and ready to serve, clean uniforms, school notes attended ..... We may as well be going for a week. No, it isn't really all that difficult now, as our children are older but gone are the days of just packing your bag and walking out the door.

With Mother's Day coming up this weekend we have to remember that if we didn't have these things to do before we go away, it would mean that we were not mothers, so we wouldn't be celebrating on Sunday with our families.

Happy Mother's Day all the Mothers out there!!

I found this quote on Donna Maries Blog , (Small Business Diva)

“Plenty of people miss their share of happiness, not because they never found it, but because they didn’t stop to enjoy it.”
William Feather 1889-1981, Writer

Friday, May 2, 2008

gift wrapping drawer

I don't know if there are many people out there like me but when I see a card I like, I buy it and put it in a drawer called our "gift wrapping draw." In this drawer there are cards, wrapping paper, ribbons....any thing to do with wrapping presents. If it is a card for a specific person I then write in the my.organiser on that persons birthday so I don't forget. Well this week I went to that overflowing, messy drawer to look for a Mother's Day card for my Mum. I could hardly open it let alone see what was in it. After a total empty out and clean up it now is ready for any present to be completely decked out with matching ribbon and card. Having a selection of cards and wrapping it means that there is no last minute dash to the expensive local newsagent. I often buy cards and wrapping when I see them on sale. Make this a job for this week, collect all your bits and pieces to do with gift wrapping and put them in a beautiful box or drawer, at least get them altogether in one easy to find spot. Talking about nice cards, Jenni at Jenni's Papercraft Design has some lovely cards she has designed herself,it is worth a look.

Happy Organising!! S