Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Some other ideas for Mothers Day

If you look at our blog recently we have mentioned or featured these great products we sell on our website, http://www.agoodsort.com/. They both would make great Mothers Day gifts.

The first one is a great piece of Bling, it is a keyring that hangs on the inside of your handbag so you will never have to go searching around the bottom of your bag again. The other one is a clever little pod called a P-Pod. There is a whole range of them but for Mothers Day we will talk about the Handbag P-Pod. Inside this clever little pod are all the things you probably already have lying, (once again ) around the bottom of your handbag. Instead they are in one easy to find pod that fits nicely into most handbags. Contents of the Handbag P-Pod lip balm, refreshing wipe, moisturiser, hairband, tampon, sewing kit, antiseptic wipe, bandaids, mints, comb, tissues and pen. Why don't you give your Mum or yourself something that will really come in handy this Mothers Day?

We of course have our Family organiser, my.organiser, which would be the ultimate Mothers Day gift this year!

Talking about Mothers Day gifts, you must go over to Under the Loupe and have a look at some of Annette's beautiful handmade jewellery one of these pieces would put a smile on most Mum's faces. S


Michelle said...

What a great gift idea for mum.

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

All great ideas for lucky moms!