Wednesday, April 9, 2008


This might sound really over the top but to help when organising and to keep the rest of the family organised...label everything.

I have the shelves in our linen cupboard labelled, big sheets, little sheets, pillow cases etc. My panrty is full of labels, flour, sugar, coconut.... Let me explain, it is very basic, whenever you give something a new home label it. eg photos in a photo box label it Photo Box. Stack all your sheets on in sizes , label the shelf- queen fitted, queen flat, single fitted etc. For the young members of your family you can label their clothes draws, undies, socks, singlets etc.
It might seem a bit extreme but you will be surprised that when there is a label in front of you, you can't do anything else except put the item back in the right place. Have a look at our website at the before and after photos

I have a simple labeller from Office Works. These days there are alot of affordable lable makers.

So go for it and watch out anyone who is standing still for too long you might get labelled. S


Elena said...

Hi Sally, Thank you for dropping by my blog. You have some helpful hints here too :) I'll email you regarding the banner url for the Plug Me Board. Ciao, Elena :)

Anne said...

Wow. You are so organised! My house runs on merry chaos.

Melissa Lewis-Off The Wall said...

Oh yes, I love this idea!