Saturday, April 19, 2008

Fantastic idea for Mothers Day

Every house has loose keys hanging around the place, if you know what a certain key is for, label it and put it on a key ring with the other keys that are for locks around the house. If you have no idea where a key is for, test it in all the locks, if you still can't find a lock it fits place it with all the other odd keys on a key ring for "homeless keys." If it is too difficult to throw these out that is fine as long as they are altogether.

Look at this clever idea from Off The Wall. These are old drawer handles now being used as a place to store keys etc.
At we have another great idea for keys, this is an essential piece of bling for all those ladies who loose the car keys in the bottom of their hand bags, you must drop by and have a look. It would make a great Mother's Day gift. S

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Melissa Lewis-Off The Wall said...

Oh wow, I love those! What a cute idea. Thanks for the link too!