Friday, March 7, 2008

mums across australia

One of Tricia and my aims with our website, and now blogsite is to unite mums across Australia. We are sure that there are mums out there who have little or no contact with other mums or even girlfriends.
We both find our circle of girlfriends, who are also all mums, invaluable. They have not only been our focus groups whilst we were designing our family organiser ,my.organiser but more importantly they all have great listening skills and are a big help when it comes to everyday situations that arise with chldren and the day to day running of the home. Not to mention just plain old having a coffee or lunch together.
We would love to know if we are reaching some of those mums who don't have a girlfriend or other mums to chat with. We are always up for a chat... if you leave a comment we will answer it.
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