Monday, March 24, 2008

Messy Bedroom

I was at a girlfriends the other day and she was showing us something in her house but when we got to a certain point she said we couldn't go any further because the childrens rooms were a mess. We did have a look and yes, the word mess doesn't describe how bad these rooms were. Now this mother had lots of excuses but for an 18, 15 and 13 yr old, not to be making their bed??!!. She asked me how to get them started.

Their job every morning,it dosen't take long if done every morning 1) Make the bed, doesn't have to be perfect, that comes with time. 2) Clothes in dirty clothes basket. 3) Hang up the rest of the clothes 4) Shoes in the wardrobe 5) Books on the shelf. If there is no shelf or room in wardrobe you have to fix that problem. You can not expect a room to be tidy if there isn't enough space for things to be put away. Now if the children do this everyday you can then get in with the vaccum and clean. When they see that the room is clean most will want to keep it this way. Let us know how it goes. S

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