Friday, March 21, 2008


Well, isn't this a typical Easter in Sydney? Cold and wet!! How different from the stinking hot weather we had last week. The hot cross buns are being enjoyed at breakfast, fish will be eaten and if we are lucky the Easter Bunny will come on Saturday night and we will all probably sit and stuff ourselves with chocolate.
I was just saying to my sister where have all these traditions come from ? As kids we had hot cross buns and Church on Good Friday but we didn't eat fish, and as for loads of eggs on Sunday we got one from my Grandfather, not a whole bunch from family and friends. People didn't give each other eggs, well they didn't give them to me. I suppose we pass some traditions on through families and we sometimes follow other peoples traditions.
We have a tradition in our family that on Good Friday we go into Darling Harbour, we just wander around watch a few buskers , usually go to the IMAX, have lunch and come home. Its not really anything to do with Easter except it is something we do as a family. That is our little Easter tradition. I wonder what traditions other families have? S

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