Monday, March 3, 2008

Back again!

Sunday night was the night from hell. After pulling my lower back at 9.30pm, I could not sit down, laydown, standup, nothing. How do you sleep with a sore back? Having never had a back problem, except in childbirth, I had no idea how to get out of the pain I was in and get some sleep. At 3am, not that I was watching the clock all night, I ended up on all 4's on the floor (as I remembered doing this whilst in labour with my first child). It helped for about 5 minutes and then the realisation that I had to move from this position, was more frightening to me than shopping for a new swimming costume! I have since been to my physio and can at least sleep at night (although it's disturbing knowing my physio has seen my butt and my underwear)
Didn't he know that women over 40 buy 10 pairs of the same undies, all in flesh colour? With a sore back, I'm thankful for those big undies, because it means I don't have to bend down so far to try to get them on in the morning. The only joy I've got out of the 'back' experience is from watching my husband taking over the morning rush hour. 'LOL' From getting the kids out of bed, making their lunch, getting breakfast, feeding the cats, unloading the dishwasher, searching for the kids sports clothes that haven't been washed from yesterday ... and listening to him ask when is he going to get his shower! I love it! LOL AGAIN!

To all those back pain sufferers out there, I now have a new respect for you. I think I'll wait a few more days before I let my husband know my back is getting better!

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familyvalue said...

Oh dear. I hope your back gets better real soon. Although not a sufferer myself, I believe back pain is the worst kind of pain. So sorry. Sending get well wishes! xx