Thursday, February 28, 2008

Holiday packing

As I struggle up the stairs with the beach umbrella, 4 beach towels, 4 bath towels, suncream, hats,shoes, sleeping bags, clothes etc. I wonder, is it really worth going away for just 2 nights? (3 days, my teenager reminds me). Thank goodness I have trained my children into the holiday packing routine. They know to lay their clothes out on the bed for me to pass my eyes over before packing it,(after they left for school this morning I went to do this inspection I was glad to see that each had even remembered the plastic bag for dirty clothes), the shoe bag is in the laundry for everyone to place their shoes for the trip, the towels and suncreams always go in the beach bag, the toilet bags come out already packed with the holiday toothbrush, shampoo and conditioner, hairbrush and soap just waiting to be used again. All these little routines and habits I have passed on, may seem so anal but when, as the mother, I am left to organise all aspects of any time away they all help make my job easier. Bring on the sun and surf!!

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