Saturday, October 25, 2008

no time!!

Due to lack of time at the moment, we have decided to have a little (hopefully ) break from our blog. See you soon!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A womens work is never done!!!

Here is a little post to let you know what we do for fun in our spare time, ha ha .
Well, when we aren't ferrying children here and there, doing the house work, or working at our real jobs this is where you will find T (left) and me ( right).
If you can't quite make out the photo let me explain, we are in a warehouse surrounded by pages, boxes, plastic sleeves, putting together my.organisers. I am sure you have never really given it any thought as to who does this type of work but for our little business we do the putting together, shrink wrapping, sticking and packing.
At this time of year when all the orders are coming in we spend a lot of time dressed in these very fashionable vests packing and shrink wrapping 100s of my.organisers, refills and now organisers.
We are known by the other warehouse workers as "the mothers" how horrible is that!!! But they love us coming because we often take some yummy home made treat for morning tea.
So from now on when you open your my.organiser think of us in our beautiful safety vests. S

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Since we have been doing this blog we have met some lovely people who have helped us and encouraged us in everything we do.
Jodie from is one of those people. She has just started another blog called The Haby Goddess, if you love anything to do with craft or sewing this blog is a must Have a look!! S

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

a bit of house keeping

A women's work is never done!!
Just a bit of catching up to do. As you can see I have added a followers list to the side bar so I can see who is reading our blog. It often feels like a lonely world not knowing who is reading, if anyone. So please add yourself to the list so I feel like someone is out there. Don't forget to tell your friends.
The second thing is that the 2009 refills for our family organiser , my.organiser are now available and until the 15 th November 2008, if you order them from our website we are offering free postage!! So hurry, because that is a huge saving.
Thirdly at Pink Heels I have found a great blog on motivation, it is well worth the read. This is something I need help with sometimes, so I found this article very helpful.

Don't forget to add yourself to the "followers list" S

Friday, September 26, 2008

what next!!

Locking Coffee Mug
Look at this really over the top mug I just found at Ingrid's blog, Heart Harmony.

Proof that the strangest ideas have a market! A coffee mug with a hole in it that can only be sealed with a special key. If you have fights in the office over people using your mug then here is the ultimate solution. Also great for prestige coffee shops to do something special for their best clients. Have you ever heard of anything so silly?, it really shows that there is a market for anything and everything. S

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

2009 stock

Ok, now is the time to get organised for 2009.
For all those people out their who own a my.organiser it is time to get your 2009 refills. If you order them before the end of October you will get free postage.

If you are not already an owner of a my.organiser you had better have a look at our website and then order one or 2 as they make great Christmas presents.

While you are ordering a my.organiser have a look at our new little, we think this will make a great thank you present for the teachers, neighbours, ironing lady etc. For under $10.00 you can't go wrong. S

Friday, September 19, 2008

Spring is in the air!!

Spring cleaning/organising time. Over the next few weeks we will help you get your house organised ready for the silly season.
Lets start with a storage cupboard:-

storage cupboard - points to consider

Storage cupboards are accessed by the whole family - therefore 'fool proof' organisational systems are needed.

Once you've reorganised the cupboard, look at what you've now stacked neatly on the shelves.

Can your family access this easily whilst keeping the order? Probably not. More than likely you'll need some tubs or baskets to help keep items together.

The above storage cupboard has white tubs to ensure the shelves stay tidy.

Example 1. One of these white tubs is full of cloth shopping bags. If we had just left them in a neat pile, every time someone was looking for one, they'd get shoved back on the shelf. By using a tub, we don't care what shoving goes on inside the tub, but it ensures the shelf remains clutter free.

Example 2. Another tub is full of sun hats, again, your family members can remove the tub, search for the hat and replace the tub.

Example 3. Another tub is full of lunch boxes, cooler bags, drink stubbies etc.

Hint: If your shelf is up high, a tub or basket is essential, so you can pull it down to easily see what's inside.

Hint: If you have multiple blankets or beach towels, by rolling them and placing on a skinny shelf, 1 can easily be removed without disturbing others on the shelf.

Product Help: These tubs are great for most standard cupboards and shelving. They are $6 each from Ikea's Kids Bedroom Storage Solutions area and they also come in a variety of colours and sizes.

You must see our before and after shots

Have fun !!! S

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

computer dumbo

Well that is me, a totally self taught computer Dumbo.

Sometimes I wonder how I ever got this blog up and running.

As T patiently worked with me the other day to tidy up an excel sheet for the accountant I again realised how grateful I was that one half of this partnership has some computer knowledge.

As I was looking through my blogging friends blogs I came across these computer short cuts:-

Take you to the start of that line - Home
Take you to the start of the document - Ctrl (control) + Home
Take you to the end of that line - End
Take you to the end of the document - Ctrl + End
Create a new document - Ctrl + N
Insert a page break - Ctrl + Enter
Decrease font size - Ctrl + Shift + <
Increase font size - Ctrl + Shift + >
To change lowercase text to ALL CAPS - Ctrl + Shift + A
To insert a date field - Alt + Shift + D
Delete the word before the cursor - Ctrl + Backspace
Delete the word after the cursor - Ctrl + Del
Double-click to highlight the word the cursor is in
Triple-click to highlight the paragraph the cursor is in

Thank you Donna-Marie at
Have fun playing with these....S

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Easy websites

It is hard to believe in this day and age when technology is moving much faster than most of the Olympians in Beijing that there could be any easy way to get a website up and running. Well Jenni, from Jenni Markham Designs has some really feminine templates to get you started with a website of your own. She also has her own range of stationery, gift cards etc.You must have a look. S

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Beautiful websites

T and I are starting the long and difficult task of designing, or at least getting quotes on a new website. We have out grown ours and need a website that does a little bit more than our present one. I am spending hours searching the web for beautiful websites and I have found lots of gorgeous sites, one of which is Kathryn's website not only is the site beautifully designed but the products Kathryn is selling are just as beautiful. She also has a pretty blog clever lady. S

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Clever Idea

As people who love everything to be organised, T was excited when she found this one whilst surfing the net one day, we knew you all would be impressed. For more details about this clever little bag liner from Borne Naked, have a look at 'Product of the month " on our website S

Sunday, August 31, 2008


Yahoo!! The 2009 edition of the my.organiser is available as of this Friday!!!

This also means that the 2009 refill pages, for all those who already own a my.organiser and also our new retail product the, the travelling organiser for your handbag are also available after Friday.
All those people who said they needed an organiser for your handbag the is for you. Selling at $9.95 it makes a great little present. For more details have a look at our website We have a little work to do on our website to add the mini. org so be patient but if you need one of anything now just email us at S

Monday, August 25, 2008

More Fathers Day Ideas

My New Shiny Shoes is a really useful shopping website. Kathie always finds unique gifts or just great shopping ideas. Have a look at her Fathers Day finds. Here is the link

I have just received an email from her saying that she is featuring one of our organising ideas (the fridge turntable on her site today, so thank you Kathie.
Don't forget to enter our Fathers Day competition for your chance to win a "First Aid P-Pod" (see below) All you need to do is go to our website and tell us in an email ( ) two of the items in the First Aid P-Pod......Good Luck !! Competition will be drawn in the Friday before Fathers Day . S

Monday, August 18, 2008

Fathers Day

Well, Fathers Day is just around the corner....what to get him??

Over at Tonic Gifts there are some great suggestions for Dad. Here is the link.

Here at we are holding a Fathers Day competiton for your chance to win a "First Aid P-Pod" (see below). All you need to do is go to our website and tell us in an email ( ) two of the items in the First Aid P-Pod......Good Luck !! Competition will be drawn in the Friday before Fathers Day . S


Sept. 8th - 14th is National Organising Week ('NOW')
First came Gordon Ramsay, then the Pope, now Oprah's Australian organising guru, Peter Walsh is on his way to Australia. As professional organisers and members of the Australasian Association of Professional Organisers we are taking part in some workshops at Officeworks. Next month, we will have a fantastic special offer in honour of 'N.O.W'. Stay tuned! S

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Stay organised with your mobile!

Use your mobile phone to get organised!
As we're all aware, mobile phones are no longer just phones.
Mobiles have many functions we don't use but there is one we, at agoodSort think is great. Most phones have a 'reminder' or 'calendar' function which works in conjunction with an alarm. Instead of writing little notes to yourself, that you inevitably lose, or forget to take with you, take a moment to learn this function.
If there's something you need to do tomorrow put it in the 'reminder' and set the alarm for first thing in the morning so you remember to do it. If you need to pick up the dry cleaning on Wednesday put it in and set it to remind you on Wednesday. If you need to take cakes to a cake stall on Thursday set it to remind you on Wednesday so you have time to bake.
You wont forget those little things any more. S&T

Blog Whammy

Blog Whammy is a group of business women we belong to who support each other by promoting their blogs. This increases the blogs popularity by increasing traffic and comments. For more information on our Blog Whammy group visit This is a great group of women with a diverse range and businesses and blogs. If you want to get more traffic to you blog and at the same time meet a great group of women come and join. S

Monday, August 4, 2008


Back in June, I showed you before and after pictures of my utensils drawer in my kitchen. I used a clever product from Howards Storage World to help organise this drawer. The product is called Dream Drawer Dividers, they come in a set of 2.

This month on our website and in our newsletter we feature this product as our "Product of the month". We are giving you the chance to win a set. All you need to do is visit and go to the online shop, kitchen section. Here you must find out how many different types of drawer dividers they have. Email us the answer at . This will automatically put you in the drawer for a set of drawer dividers. The competition ends at the end of August. (sorry but this is only available to Australia Post) Good luck!! S

Monday, July 28, 2008 organiser

If you don't already know, T and I are the designers of the my.organiser, the family organiser we sell on our website. This is a great tool for families to help control all the paper work a busy family generates. If you don't have one you must visit our website for a look.

We now have some very exciting news......!!!!!! Our new retail product has just gone to print!! organiser, this is our new retail product. It is a mini organiser for your handbag. We hope it will work hand in hand with the my.organiser and keep you organised while you are on the go. We are not sure yet when it will be released but probably like all diaries around October.
We will keep you all updated. S

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

mama mia!!

Well you all must do it........get a group of your gal pals and head out to the movies. We did just that last night and went to see Mama Mia. What a great feel good movie! All the way through I had to restrain T from singing too loudly and I wont even to begin to tell you about her lycra pants and platform shoes (only joking). Meryl Streep is fantastic, what a great advertisement for middle age women. If it is the only movie you see this season apart from Sex in the City you mustn't miss it. S

Monday, July 21, 2008

agoodSort 5 top organising tips

Here are T&S 5 top tips to get you started...

1. Paper! School notes, invitations, sport draws, bills, lists - we all have them. Get these organised and your life will follow. Tip #1: invest in our family organiser.®aniser is Australian made by mums and will revolutionise the paper in your kitchen. Available at Officeworks and on-line

2. Stuff! We all have volumes of stuff – household items, possessions, gifts, treasured memories we like to keep. Tip #2: organise and store it in containers. For a less cluttered look, use the same type of containers and buy square or rectangular shapes as they stack and utilise your space better. Best places to head are Howards Storage World and Ikea.

3. Drawers! The average house has over 50 drawers so it’s worthwhile to take the time to get them organised – underwear, stationery, utensils etc. Tip #3: There are many drawer dividers on the market. Measure your drawer to ensure you buy the right one. Once again Howards Storage World and Ikea have some good products. At, we recommend ‘One-Drawer-Wednesday’. Every Wednesday tidy one drawer. Simple and effective – even the kids can do it.

4. Kids Artwork! Once the exhibition is finished on the fridge these treasured pieces need to be stored. Tip #4: Jasart has a great folder, small and large. These are also great for storing x-rays, house plans and the like. Available at all art stores and Officeworks.

5. Label, label, label! Tip#5: To ensure all the above remain in their place, we recommend labeling everything. Label containers on all sides as there’s no guarantee as to how it will be put back on the shelf. Label shelves - psychologically you won’t put a towel on a shelf that’s labeled sheets. There are many labelers on the market, but you can also print them on the computer, use pen and paper and cover with contact or sticky tape. T&S

Sunday, July 20, 2008


Did you know that chuffed means “pleased or puffed with fat”? I think these cats look pretty "chuffed".
T and I were pretty chuffed yesterday when we finished an organising job. It was to declutter a home office and store room. We will see if we can put the photos on the blog to share them with you. The before and after shots are fantastic, and really show what can be achieved in a couple of days. Although, during the process I felt that it was all quite overwhelming for our clients they were definitely happy with the end result. S

Saturday, July 12, 2008

cup cakes

While the rest of the world is talking iphones, I am glad to say that we are still doing the simpler things in our house. Cup cakes!! they are a big thing in our house at the moment. Making them, eating them and taking them places (that is when it gets challenging).

Look at this fantastic Cup Cake Courier from . I don't think I would serve them on the table in the plastic thingo but to transport them without ruining your artistic icing work, I think it is great.

While we are on the subject of cup cakes you must check out this blog I found, the clever lady is Kylie and she based in Sydney and its website . Here are some of the yummy things I found:- S

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Sex in the City

Wow!! what a great movie...the clothes, the shoes! That wardrobe!!!

Of course being an organiser my mind went crazy wishing that all my clients had wardrobes like Carrie's, but alas no one ever has .So I decided to write a blog on how to make your wardrobe maybe not a gorgeous as the one in the movie but one that is practical and affordable.

Here we go, this is a great holiday project,
1) As I have mentioned before... clear shoe boxes, they now come in all shapes and sizes. These are great to store your out of season shoes or if you are really disciplined you can store all your shoes in them but I find it a hassle putting shoes away in boxes each night

2) Coat hangers, a wardrobe always looks neater if all the coat hangers are the same. Howards Storage World and Ikea have packs of wooden hangers.

3) Pretty coloured boxes can store up high the items that are out of season or things you don't need to get to very often.

4) A shoe rack or stand of some sort for every day shoes.

5) Jewellery stand or drawer.

6) A couple of posts ago I mentioned the scarf hanger from Ikea, this is also good for ties and belts.

8) For those who really like organised drawers (both types), dividers are a great idea.

8) Pigeon holes are great for handbags,shoes and hats.
Well, I could keep going, there are so many different organising products on the market these days . At A Good Sort we truly believe that if you have a place for everything then everything will stay in its place.
It wont look exactly like Carrie's but it will be organised. S

Thursday, July 3, 2008

ugly but good!!

I usually try to make our posts look nice but there is no way I can pretty this one up. I just have to share this clever product with you all. It has probably been around for ages but we have only just found it.
This strange looking thing is a scarf (tie,belt) holder from Ikea. It has a funny Swedish name which I wont try to spell , if you go looking for it it is in the wardrobe section. I think it cost around $10.00 and does a great job of holding all those dangly things in your wardrobe.
If you have a clever storage solution we would love to hear them. S

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Metal or silicon??

Do your muffin pans look like this ?? Really, I don't know how I even served anything from these pans without feeling the tiniest bit of guilt. Not only have they seen better days, they take up so much room in my baking drawer. I usually can't be bothered working out how they fit in the drawer so I store them in the oven.

All this was until about a year ago I was given my first silicon muffin patties. I have also tried out a few of the other silicon baking pans but none of them are nearly as great as the muffin patties.

They take up next to no room in the baking drawer. They don't need to be greased before use. They come off the muffin or cup cake without any problems and they come in pretty colours.

So clean out your baking pan drawer get rid of the tired old metal muffin pans and treat yourself to some silicon muffin patties.

Has anyone tried any of the other silicon baking pans?
Are they also good? Let us know...S

Bright and cheerful!!

Look at these colourful clip boards I found over at
surely these would brighten up any boring job. Even if your to-do list is looking pretty bad on one of these clip boards it bound to look better. S

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Busy, busy, busy

Tricia and I have had one of those weeks this week. Miles too busy for how we like it but at the same time very exciting. We have got so many things happening in our business we are nearly bursting with excitement!! Lots of it we can't talk about yet because they are still being negotiated but I want to share a couple of things with you all.
First off we are setting up some organising workshops. These will be a fun way for mums to get together and learn some quick and easy ways to organise different areas of their home. We plan at first to run these through Pre-schools, Day care centers, schools etc. this way we can donate some of the proceeds back to the schools.
We have over the years collected some great products and ideas and are looking forward to sharing these with other mums. So if you are involved in an organisation or would like to get your friends together for a bit of a laugh and on the side learn how to get organised and make a bit of money, send us an email and we would love to book you in.
We went to our first AAPO (Australasian Association of Professional Organisers) can just imagine how a meeting of organisers is run. Very efficiently and on time. It was interesting and helpful to talk with other organisers. I am sure we will learn alot from them.

Another exciting thing is that later in the year we are releasing a mini org. This is a travelling organiser for your hand bag. This of course is not to replace your my.organiser (You couldn't any way!!!) it is to compliment it. So when you are out and about you have a diary to jot things in. Lots of people have ask for this so we have done it.

So now it is the weekend.........oh no it isn't, tomorrow we have an organising job to quote on and then coffee with friends and then it is the weekend. Yahoo! S

Friday, June 20, 2008

Clever Idea

Yesterday I went, once again in to organising mode+++. T and I had a really good, slow look at Howards Storage World and all their clever storage solutions.We are like kids in a candy store in that shop. I bought a great product. My utensils drawer was in desperate need of a tidy up so I went looking for a long skinny container for my drawer, so at least they were separated from the rest of the "stuff"and the same for my baking utensils, so I could lay my hands on them easily. I came home with extendable drawer dividers.

Tip out, sort out, throw out and replace in some sort of order. Fantastic!! The proof is in the pictures (for more before and after shots of other organising jobs click here.).......Your turn!! S

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

my.organiser around Australia

Two weeks ago The Power Family (Mum and Dad and 2 little girls) from Canberra set off on a trip of a life time. Travelling around Australia photographing our beautiful country.
You might say what has that got to do with us? Well, to our great excitement they have taken a my.organiser to keep all their paper work organised while they are on the road. We are keeping an eye on their journey through forums and photo gallery on their website, . They have promised some photos of the organiser as it travels around and also will report on how helpful they find it.
So stay tuned......
T and I think the my.organiser is a great product not only for the busy family but also for the Grey Nomads in our community who are doing a lot of travelling in their caravans. As they set off on their trips, how easy would it be to just pick up their complete with its filing system and diary, hey presto you have a mini office away from home. Happy Travelling!! S

Saturday, June 14, 2008


I had a birthday last week and received some great cards, above are two of them. There are so many beautiful, funny and clever cards around these days, you can now buy cards for any occasion. I even saw a "congratulations on your divorce card" the other day!!

At we teach people that when they see a card they love and think would be good for someone they know , buy it and when they get home write it in their my.organiser (diary) a week before the persons birthday, anniversary or what ever the occasion is so you don't forget you have it. This reminder in your organiser is also helpful if you have to post it. You can then, either file it in a plastic sleeve in your my.organiser or as I do, put it in your "present wrapping drawer". This drawer is full of everything to do with wrapping presents, ribbon, paper, sticky tape, cards etc. By doing all of this it will mean you are always prepared for someones birthday and I always have an extra card or two for those unexpected occasions. S

Thursday, June 12, 2008

women blogging

T and I have now been blogging for 4 months, not always as regularly as we would like but believe it or not we sometimes have trouble finding the time or a topic to talk about. It is also a very strange thing to post something on the Internet and not know who, if anyone is going to read it. We have been very fortunate to have picked up a few regular readers from both here in Australia and some further afield.
We are constantly amazed at the number of women who are blogging out there, and the number of people reading these blogs. The number of women who are now running their own business, who have a website, write a blog, look after the family etc. etc. etc. is truly amazing. We will soon be running the world.
One thing it does tell me, as it has been the way for centuries, women love talking, women love listening(now reading) and by doing this we make friends and a lot of the time very close friendships because we take the time. Now with blogging, we are hearing about peoples lives and work from all corners of the world and in time making friends with women from all over the world., hearing about the lives and their businesses and learning from each that is exciting.
I have really enjoyed reading posts and leaving comments from women(mainly) from all corners of the globe. I especially love looking at the decorators blogs from the States and Scandinavia. I also have some favourite Australian blogs I visit every day.
In my quest to be good at this blogging thing I have signed up to many different blog lists etc but of course we need to be doing this a bit longer and get more of a following before we appear on any of these lists.
We have joined a group of business women, from all types of businesses called "blog whammy" Blog Whammy is a circle of business women supporting one another through the promotion of each others blogs. Being a member is free ! While we have only been members for a few weeks, Blog Whammy has been running now for 1 year so is celebrating its first anniversary. If you want to join just go to for more information. One of the business women involved is Jennifer at Pink Heels, she specialises in Personal and Professional developement, for the rest of the Whammy list see our blog roll.
So, what does that have to do with organsing, well nothing except that I have to organise my time a little better so I can update the blog a bit more frequently.Happy blogging!! S

Sunday, June 8, 2008

great read

Long weekends are great, even if you don't go away!!
I was given a book last week called "Life in his hands, the true story of a neurosurgeon and the pianist". Well I have finished it, and for someone who only usually reads when I am sitting on the beach on holidays, it says how much I enjoyed the book. I would say this is a great read for both men and women Amazing, sad, uplifting.....
This will be one that I add to the book self.
That's a job long over due.....sort through the book shelf. The Smith Family, second hand book stores and school fetes are always after used books. Great job for a rainy day!! S

Friday, June 6, 2008

trash to treasure

Yesterday was "Throw out Thursday" in our house so I have a boot load of stuff to take to St Vincents De Paul. I have a range of different things I am dropping off from jeans that are too short, wine glasses that are not my taste (present from the Mother In Law), old dinner set, toys that are no longer loved and heaps more. I am sure that someone else will delight in my trash just as Elena at EP Deisgns finds things in op shops and transforms them into beautiful pieces. I especially love these pin cushions.

Try "Throw out Thursday" in your house....just get everyone to throw something out every Thursday, I sometimes put a box in the hallway so people get the idea without me having to nag. It can be as little as an odd sock, but if you do it every week you will find the junk hanging around will disappear. S

Monday, June 2, 2008

agoodsort product of the month

Jasart Carry Sleeve from Officeworks
This art file is under $10 from Officeworks and is perfect for organising your childrens artwork.
It's cheap enough to buy one for each child, and thin enough to store it behind the wardrobe or bed.
It's also great for organising x-rays, ultra sounds etc.
It comes in 2 sizes (one of which is A3 and and the other 48cmx62cm , that is the one I have for my children) and is located near their art-work supplies. S

Friday, May 30, 2008

are yours heading south??

Ok, now this is getting down and personal but it has to be done. I watched Susannah and Trinny last night from the famous What Not to Wear Show. They were doing a show helping older ladies jazz up their look a little. Getting them out of the pale pink tracksuits and over sized, body hiding shirts and getting them to show off their bodies and be proud of it. One of the many questions they asked the ladies was "do you like having your boobs hang down to your elbows?' (it was so funny!! seeing these older ladies being asked such up front questions.) When the girls had finished with the ladies it was fantastic and it even made Susannah cry..
You probably wonder were I am going with this. Well, not that we are up to that stage yet, but so we don't head down the boobs to the waist and elasticated skirts track, it is time to sort through your undies drawer.
Go on, get the drawer out and empty it onto the bed. Now, anything that is stretched, holey, to small, too big, missing a wire etc. straight in the bin. Line the drawer with a nice new smelly drawer liner. If you really want to keep the drawer looking organised, so you can see every bra and pair of undies at a glance, Howard Storage World has drawer dividers. OK ,now put back only the underwear that fits and you love to wear.....throw the rest out, if that means you now have an empty drawer, your next step it to go shopping, but don't forget when you are getting fitted for your new bras that your boobs are meant to end halfway between your elbow and your shoulder. S
Here is a great poem from Nicole over at The Modern Goddess.